Tent trip with a child – what should I take with me?

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Regardless of whether you are an experienced camper or you are planning your first family camping trip, a well-thought-out luggage list will certainly streamline your packing, organize the pre-trip chaos in your head and allow you to enjoy your vacation without nerves.

Camping “must have” for family trips

Active vacations in kayaks, in the mountains, on the lake and tent trips are for most kids a source of fantastic memories, which are hard to come by staying in an all-inclusive hotel. Taming nature, its beauty and gaining respect for it are just a few of the positive values learned from camping. In order to make this experience positive and developing, however, you should make sure to take all the essentials with you before you leave, bearing in mind that it may not be so easy to get them on site.

  1. Tent

The obvious king of the list. Depending on the size of our family group, there are many sizes available. If we are going to be stationed in one place, we can afford a fancier and more comfortable model, with additional vestibules and larger sleeping compartments. In case we care about the smallest possible size after folding and low weight, it is better to reach for the travel version.

  1. Self-inflating mats or mattresses

The thing you should take care of is the comfort of your sleep. There is no fooling, a night in a tent is different from a comfortable sleep on a bed. Fortunately, nowadays we do not have to resort to thin mattresses. On the market there is a whole range of self-inflating mats and inflatable mattresses, thanks to which we will not be awakened by the cold beating from the ground. Deciding on a mattress, be sure to have a pump!

  1. Sleeping bag

Another key element of every successful camping trip. Depending on where and when we go, we must choose appropriate sleeping bags, so that we and our loved ones are neither too cold nor too warm. There are many models, but personally the best ones are those in the shape of a mummy, in which comfort is achieved even at a temperature of 0 degrees celsius. For one hundred percent comfort it is worth to choose a sleeping bag with a pillow.

  1. Kitchen equipment

Creating a field kitchen requires a few basic tools: a burner and a compatible travel bottle, a canteen or pots, cups, bowls, and cutlery for everyone, a cutting board and at least two sharp knives, and a supply of lighters. In the summer, a mini fridge can also be a good idea to put the most heat-prone items in.

  1. Additional camping gadgets

A successful camping trip is not complete without a few flashlights, batteries, mosquito and tick repellent, a well-stocked first aid kit, a capacious powerbank, a supply of toilet paper, eco-friendly cleaning products and cosmetics, and plenty of sunscreen and lotion. In the interest of fun, it is also worth thinking about alternatives for rainy days; for this purpose, you can bring cards, a small board game or simply a set of raincoats and wellingtons to go crazy in the puddles together with the kids.

Main photo: Matheus Bertelli/pexels.com

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