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Running your own business online was until recently considered an easy and quick way to get rich, regardless of the type of business or industry. Now, however, it is a little different. The growing number of competitors makes it more and more difficult and expensive to stand out with your offer. As a result, despite an interesting assortment and low price, our website does not have to achieve good results, because, in contrast to stationary stores, it cannot be visited accidentally by a customer. In this regard, activity in the network is much more difficult, because a potentially interested Internet user must click on our link or enter the address of the site into the address field or search for it in the network. We will deal with the latter issue today.

Marketing on the web is crucial

There are hundreds of thousands of companies in various industries on the web, so finding a niche is almost impossible. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business is well positioned to make the most of the opportunities that come along with it. How to do it? There are several ways to do it.

The most popular, which does not also mean the best effectiveness, are sponsored articles. Their very high price is combined with a huge wave of short-term popularity, which usually expires after just a few days. The huge number of hits is also not conducive to good conversion, i.e. making a purchase by a potential customer. Equally popular are display ads placed on third-party sites, Google or social media. It is a good form of advertising, but quite expensive – for each click on our website you have to pay even a few zlotys. The last, but also the most effective form of advertising is positioning.

Positioning is the basis!

Step by step positioning is based on optimizing a website for the Google search engine, which evaluates the usefulness of each page for a selected key phrase. Fresh websites are usually evaluated by Google as not trustworthy, so they end up on the last pages of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is worth changing this state of affairs.

The target position of each website is evaluated by a complex Google algorithm, which performs hundreds of calculations on an ongoing basis, using data obtained by Google robots. There are hundreds of detailed parameters and all of them have a huge impact on the position of our website in the Google search engine. Internet user entering a phrase in the search box always expects an answer to his question on the first subpage, so the primary goal is to be found there. We cannot forget about the fact that clicks on the link by the Internet user are completely free. This means that the investment in SEO is very profitable despite its long-term nature.

The most important factors are:

  • key phrases and their compatibility with the selected business profile and saturation of the sub-page,
  • speed of operation,
  • ease of navigation,
  • accessibility of the mobile website and responsiveness in adjusting its size to the resolution of the device,
  • number of backlinks,
  • header hierarchy,
  • and many more.

Google’s algorithm can be ruthless, so any deviation from the ideal is judged very unfavorably, and any infraction in effect brings the site all the way down to the bottom. It is worth changing this.

It is worth carrying out all the steps in the right way

Positioning for the Netherlands or Poland is based on the same thing – on precisely meeting all expectations and requirements set by Google’s algorithm. There are many requirements, therefore the tasks are divided into stages. It is worth distinguishing among them first of all:

  • SEO audit. During the audit, specialists evaluate the condition of the website and plan a strategy for further work. This process may take a lot of time, as programmers and positioners have to assess many technical aspects of the website in order to adjust the scope of further actions.
  • On-site activities. These activities involve introducing all the changes to the source code of the website, i.e. implementation of the previously planned strategy. This stage is by far the longest – it may last even many months of intensive work by teams of positioners, programmers and copywriters.
  • Off-site activities mainly include acquiring a sufficiently large number of backlinks that lead to the positioned website. This activity is particularly well evaluated by Google’s algorithm, because it considers popular websites as trustworthy and safe.

Positioning for India or Poland is therefore very complicated, and at the same time can be very uncertain in terms of results. Any errors, algorithm violations or even attempts to cheat the algorithm result in the best case in lowering the website’s position in Google search, and in the worst case in its complete removal from the listings.

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