Macramé – what is it?

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Macramé is the latest interior design hit. You can make this accessory yourself and decorate your interior with it. What is it and how to create it? You will find out in our text

The word macramé comes from Arabic and means the art of tying. The technique involves the artistic joining of cords, without using needles, wires or crochets. It originated in ancient Babylonia, from where it came to Europe. In the past it was used to sew robes. In the 1970s it was also used to create covers for sofas, armchairs and beds. Currently, this art is fashionable again. Its phenomenon lies in the simplicity of execution, to make the chosen composition it is enough to learn a few knots. To make the whole composition durable, it is also necessary to pay attention to accuracy

Macramé – what can you do?

Making macramé can be a great hobby. It’s the perfect way to spend time for people who like to create and are patient. Its big advantage is also the fact that you don’t need much to start creating. Most often, all you need is some string and possibly a piece of board or string. What kind of compositions can be made by tying technique? Suggestions are very many, but it is worth starting with something easy. If you want to start your adventure with macramé, try to make a shawl or a simple bracelet. If you feel that tying strings is your passion, you can make a flowerbed, a wall decoration, a bedspread or a swing. Develop your skills by choosing cords of different thicknesses and colors, and other braiding techniques

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