A woman who tinkers? See why you should

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While tinkering used to be the domain of men, today women too are increasingly willing to pick up tools and enjoy repairing, reworking, renovating, painting, gluing and screwing. Find out why it’s worth convincing women to do-it-yourself.

It might seem that in the age of widespread availability of all products, DIY is just a hobby practiced for pleasure. Nothing could be further from the truth. The flooding of the world by the vastness of things, often disposable, and the high consumption of all sorts of goods makes us think about ecology and the ability to give a second life. DIY influences the reduction of production and the use of cheap, disposable products, and encourages the increasingly fashionable DIY (Do It Yourself, or do it yourself) activity.

Both men and women are engaging in hand knitting or renovation work. According to surveys and polls, ladies have no problem with simple fixes, such as changing a light bulb or unclogging a clogged sink, but they also excel at painting walls, screwing and rearranging furniture, hanging shelves and all kinds of garden and decorative work. Little do women reach for tools at least once a month – most often for a screwdriver and a hammer.

Advantages of DIY

Women’s DIY can have many advantages. First of all, it is practical. Being able to do simple repairs and renovation work means that we don’t have to call in professionals for every little defect or wall painting, saving us money and the time it takes to find the right person. Practicality is combined with the aforementioned green approach to life. The essence of DIY is to fix things. We can use old objects and furniture, refurbish them, breathe new life into them so they can serve us for years to come.

In addition to practical and ecological reasons, DIY by women brings a lot of joy and allows us to broaden our horizons. Doing or fixing something yourself gives a sense of satisfaction and pride, and after all, this is what each of us would like to feel. Simple activities, using uncomplicated tools, allow you to overcome your own limitations and acquire manual skills that can come in handy at the most surprising moments.

Interestingly, sociologists emphasize that DIY with the family has a beneficial effect on building bonds. It’s a great idea to spend time together with children, who, while knitting with their hands, can shape their imagination, learn the rules of teamwork and develop manual skills.

It is also worth noting that DIY is important for our health. Various types of repair and decorative work, treated as a hobby, allow the body to calm down and calm down, which has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, one is less likely to contract diseases of civilization. There is nothing left to do but to indulge in DIY and enjoy it a lot!

main photo: pixabay.com/tookapic

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