TOP 10 most popular filters on Instagram

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The first association with Instagram? Unique photographs! No matter how interesting and relevant a post is, if it’s not accompanied by a bright, catchy photo, it won’t get noticed. Below is a list of the most popular filters on Instagram that will make browsing your profile a pure pleasure!

Instagram is all about photos. Some time ago, the use of filters offered by the application was not so common, but now it is becoming a daily practice, because the offer has become extremely wide.

To make a photo pleasing to the eyes, you just need to use filters wisely. Each filter gives your photo a special effect that makes it stylish and interesting.

top 10 most popular filters on Instagram

0 Place: No filter – natural look

As we mentioned earlier, almost half of Instagram users say they don’t use filters. The natural look and realistic photos are increasingly valued in the network. Additionally, the cameras in our smartphones take photos of very good quality. If you want to keep a natural looking photo, this option is for you.

1st place: Clarendon – clear contrast

Gives the photo a slightly warmer tone. It emphasizes color saturation and contrast. Works well when you want to lighten bright areas and darken dark areas in your photo.

2nd place: Juno – increases color saturation

Increases contrast and color saturation. Adds energy to your photo by highlighting cooler shades of blue and green, while warming up the red. Ideal when you want your photo to be more vibrant and bright.

3rd place: Ludwig – more warmth

Brings out the red and tones down everything from blues to greens, yellows to pinks. Use it when you want to give your photo a warmer tone.

4th place: Earlybird – a nice sepia tone

This filter highlights yellow tones to give your photo a warm, pleasant tone. If you want to soften your photo slightly and add depth and contrast, this is the filter for you.

5th place: Lark – more light

Gives your photo just the right amount of brightness while maintaining cooler tones. Slightly dampens reds, but highlights blues and greens. If you’re after a more relaxed, softly blurred look, this is the filter for you. Ideal for outdoor photography.

6th place: Gingham – subtle vintage

Gently reducing contrast, brightness, and color saturation gives the impression of a vintage-style photo, but without distorting the natural colors. If you want your photo to look stylish, light and soft, choose this filter.

7th place: Lo-Fi – maximum color enhancement

Strongly enhances contrast, color saturation and brightness. The photo loses its natural look and becomes very clear, with colors and contours enhanced.

8th Place: Valencia: subtle warmth

Gives the photo a softly toned, warm and bright look. Emphasizes yellow tones.

9th Place: Aden: soft pastels

Gently dampens the strongest colors, steering the tones toward pastels. More highlighted areas become slightly blurred. Use this filter if you’re after a calm, vintage-cool look for your photos.

10th Place: X-Pro II – Maximum Depth

A filter that greatly exaggerates the original photo. It strongly emphasizes contrast, shadows become much darker, and colors become more vibrant. Use this filter if you want to emphasize your photo clearly and you don’t care about naturalness.

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