Glamping, or luxury and modern camping in one

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Can luxurious conditions and communing with nature go hand in hand? It turns out that yes! Glamping, a comfortable version of traditional camping, is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly is this form of overnight camping in nature?

Glamping is a combination of the English words glamorous and camping, which we can translate as luxury camping. This form of camping is an ideal option for people who would like to spend some time in nature, but don’t like to give up such amenities as air conditioning, a bathtub or spa services. Glamping can be found all over the world for many years. In Poland, too, this form of recreation is becoming increasingly popular.

Glamping – modern camping in glamour version

Glamping can take various forms, but its characteristic features are nature at our fingertips and comfortable conditions known to us from hotels. Very often such places are arranged and run by people who themselves wanted to live and work at a slower pace, close to the natural world. Glamping sites can offer not only beautiful views and peaceful relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also meals made from local products or natural beauty treatments for the face and body. What does glamping look like in practice?

Glamping in tents

Camping is mainly associated with sleeping in a tent, which on glamping can be found in a luxury version – that is, equipped with furniture, a bathtub or shower, electricity, air conditioning and other amenities. Still, such accommodation has more in common with sleeping in a traditional tent than in five-star hotels, but the experience is unforgettable. Dome tents, resembling geometric domes, are also an interesting solution. They often have large panoramic windows that allow us to enjoy beautiful views right from our bed.

Tree houses

Who among us didn’t dream of a tree house as a child? Not all of us had the opportunity to realize this dream during our childhood years. But nothing lost! If the desire to sleep in a tree house still follows you, then go glamping, which offers just such a form of overnight stay. More and more tree houses are appearing in Poland and other countries. Like tents, they are equipped with numerous amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. This is certainly a unique place for a romantic weekend for two.

Mongolian yurts

Mongolian yurts, which are characterized by a circular form that is conducive to calming the body, regeneration and tranquility, are also increasingly common on glamping sites. Built of natural materials, the yurts can be equipped with large beds, bathrooms or even wood-burning goat-type fireplaces.

Indian tipi

If you love the Indian vibe or are looking for something to delight your children, choose glamping with tipi tents. An overnight stay in a distinctive tent will make you feel like a real Indian. The best part, however, will be the proximity to nature. And you are sure to find a place to light a campfire in the area.


Staying overnight in a transparent round tent resembling a bubble must be an amazing experience. Do you like to look up at the sky at night and admire the stars? This form of glamping is sure to appeal to you. It’s also another way to spend a romantic weekend.

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