Modern cosmetic mirror with lighting – which one to choose?

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In professional beauty salons makeup artists perform makeup in stages, looking not only at the model herself, but also at her reflection in the mirror. This allows stylists to accurately assess the result of their work. To get the perfect makeup, it is important not only high-quality cosmetics, but also a competent organization of the workspace and the right choice of mirror.

The advantage of illuminated mirrors is that you can immediately see in them even the smallest makeup mistakes and skin imperfections. This means that they not only make painting easier, but also facial cleansing and daily skin care. The models available in the market can be both larger ones to hang on the wall and smaller ones to put on the dressing table or hide in the travel bag.

Types of lighted mirrors

Standing Mirror. Table mirrors attach directly to a table or have a movable stand that allows you to place them almost anywhere. Many makeup artists recommend these types of models because they are compact and multifunctional. Illuminated table mirrors have 2 reflective sides, one of which has the characteristics of an optical lens and magnifies the reflection up to 10 times. Due to its small and handy dimensions, such a mirror can be taken on the go.

Wall mirror. With this model, the bulbs are permanently placed on the frame, and the mirror itself can not be moved. If properly mounted, you will not have to adjust the angle of the mirror or the height at which it is mounted every time you put on your makeup. Some wall models are additionally equipped with an accordion mount, which allows you to move them away from the wall. Backlighting in such mirrors should be gentle so as not to irritate the eyes.

Touch mirror. This is an innovative product that will help you get the most accurate makeup. Touch models with backlighting are usually equipped with LED lights, the intensity of which can be adjusted. Additionally, the lights are arranged in a circle, allowing you to see every area of your face. A feature of touch mirrors is the ability to rotate the product 180 degrees. This helps you choose the right angle at which to apply foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.

Which mirror to choose – practical tips

When choosing an illuminated makeup mirror, it is best to choose a rectangular or oval wall model. Makeup artists recommend choosing a backlight as close to daylight as possible – natural backlighting will not distort the actual reflection. In turn, a small standing mirror model is suitable for a small bedroom or bathroom. The light in it should be warm and evenly distributed around the perimeter.

When installing a large wall model, it should be placed so that you can see your reflection up to your knees. For smaller mirrors, it’s important that you don’t have to climb or lean into it – your reflection is supposed to “look” directly at you. Touch and table mirrors should be sized to easily accommodate your entire face.

Professionals say natural light is best for applying makeup. However, if you don’t have access to it, go for a product that offers light closest to it. This will allow you to reliably assess how your makeup looks. Remember, too, that the artificial light of a mirror should have a high color rendering index (CRI) – for makeup, the optimal height is no less than 80.

When choosing a mirror, consider the issues mentioned above, as well as your lifestyle and where you will be using the product.

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