Cleaning robots – how can they help you?

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Cleaning robots are among the innovative devices designed to make our daily lives easier. How can they help us keep things in order? What to pay attention to when buying them? Check out the following tips!

Innovative solutions allow not only to modernize our home, but also to save time, regularly wasted on cleaning, for example. Among smart devices, it is worth paying attention to cleaning robots, which successfully replace classic vacuum cleaners. They can also act as a mop or window cleaner. They are distinguished from traditional equipment by the presence of an automatic system with software and sensors, thanks to which they are able to independently clean and avoid obstacles, having previously learned the terrain and planned the route.

How does a cleaning robot work?

Cleaning robots are very intuitive to use. As mentioned above, they save time, even a few hours a week. We also don’t have to worry that the robot can’t handle hard-to-reach corners. Thanks to built-in sensors, for example, obstacles, stairs, overload, distance or twisting tassels and wires, the equipment will bypass obstacles on its own and get where it needs to go.

Cleaning robots can be divided into:

  • vacuuming – are used for dry cleaning only,
  • mopping – allow you to mop floors,
  • vacuuming-mopping (hybrid) – allow you to apply both of the above activities during one cleaning.

Modern robots will clean all kinds of panels, parquet floors, carpets, rugs, ceramic tiles, and even glass or glass surfaces. They effectively remove dust, sand, crumbs and other dirt.

Automatic vacuum cleaners can be programmed. The simplest devices set their own paths. Among the popular modes of operation of the robot, the following routes are distinguished:

  • wall to wall – the device moves from one wall to the opposite wall,
  • point – the device moves in a spiral pattern. This mode works well, among other things, when cleaning a single room,
  • zigzag type – the device moves in an S-shape.

In advanced robots, we have the ability to accurately plan the schedule of its work. We can set a specific time for cleaning, put in an apartment plan, designate cleaning zones, direct the vacuum cleaner to a specific place when something spills, or set virtual walls and lines beyond which the robot will not be able to go.

What to pay attention to when buying a cleaning robot?

Before buying a device, let’s check its parameters. Let’s match it to our own needs and the square footage of the apartment. What should be taken into account?

Motor power

Motor power is expressed in volts. This parameter determines the speed and strength of the brushes and suction system. The higher the value, the more effective the work of the device.

Working time

Let’s choose the working time of the automatic robot on a single battery charge according to the size of the house. In an average apartment, a device that works for an hour after charging may be enough. For larger homes, let’s choose equipment with a longer working time so that we don’t have to charge it while cleaning.


Cleaning robots can differ among themselves in the technologies used and additional features. Let’s consider what amenities we care about. For example, we can choose a device with an acoustic sensor to detect unwanted activity, or a proximity sensor to avoid collisions with obstacles.

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