What kind of lamp should I choose for my child?

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What kind of lamp should appear in the child’s room? What parameters of the device should be taken into consideration when choosing one? It is known that a night lamp for a child is not only an element of decorations but it also has to be safe and functional

What should you consider when choosing a night lamp for a small child?

We can choose from typical standing lamps as well as hanging or projector lamps. Each of them looks slightly different in the interior. Additionally a hanging lamp is more difficult to access for a toddler, which may be important for his safety. The type of power supply is also important in this context; it can be mains or battery powered

Additional features

In choosing a night lamp for a child we may be helped by additional functions offered by such equipment. We are talking about a lamp with a motion sensor, which will light up when the toddler moves. In the case of very young children a lamp with a lullaby player or a projector may be an interesting option

Age of the child

Also to how old the child is, we can adjust the choice of a specific model of bedside lamp:

  • lamps for infants keep the interior in semi-darkness, so as not to dazzle the child;
  • for older children, it is worth choosing functional models, however, which refer, for example, to favorite cartoons.

main photo: Jin Cheng/unsplash.com

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