Japandi – a new interior design hit

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Subdued colors, simple forms of furniture and natural fabrics make home rooms breathe peace and a sense of balance. The love of minimalism gave rise to a new interior trend – japandi, which is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. What distinguishes this style?

The japandi style is a relatively new design trend. It is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, taking the best from them. It might seem that the cultures of the Land of the Blossoming Cherry and northern Europe are very different, meanwhile, it turns out that they are united by a love of nature, simplicity, harmony and functionality.

In japandi arrangements we can see the Scandinavian attachment to coziness and the Japanese love of asceticism and nature. In this style we find minimalist solids, geometric lines, natural materials and plenty of light. In such spaces you feel that you can breathe freely, allow yourself to calm down.

Color palette in japandi style

Japandi is based primarily on a subdued but cozy color scheme, which is drawn from both Scandinavian and Japanese styles. The forefront is luminous white, emphasizing simplicity and order. However, the minimalism of japandi is not cool – soft beiges add warmth and coziness to the interiors. The Japanese style is alluded to by calm earth colors, which also can not be missing in the arrangement of japandi. It is especially worth choosing light and dark shades of greens and browns. We can also reach for grays, which will work perfectly as a background, for example, on the walls or floors. If you want stronger accents, choose accessories in classic black. Expressive accessories break up the subdued color scheme and catch the eye.

Minimalist furniture

The japanese arrangement is emphasized by light furniture with a slender form. Choose models with straight lines, streamlined shapes will also work. Instead, avoid richly decorated cabinets, bookcases, armchairs and chairs. In the japandi trend there is also no place for upholstered furniture with decorative quilting or stitching. In the living room it is worth placing a beige sofa on legs, which makes the furniture look light. Both Japanese and Scandinavians love wood, so wooden tables, benches and chairs will be a good choice.

Accessories and natural fabrics

The uniqueness of interiors decorated in the japandi style is emphasized by sophisticated accessories and natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, from which curtains and pillowcases for decorative pillows can be made. Although this trend relies on a minimum number of furnishings, we can see that the interiors do not lack carefully selected original decorations. These can be, for example, old, unique items found at a flea market, or exotic souvenirs brought from distant travels. It is also worth taking care of the lighting, which builds the right mood in the japanese style. A great choice will be lamps made of lightweight plaid, bamboo, rattan or wicker. They let in large amounts of light. We can also opt for models with wooden elements.

Vases and showy plants are also an important element of this design trend. A ceramic vase, bearing traces of wear and tear, can stand empty or be filled with flowers, live or dried. Let’s place domestic plants in clay pots.

main photo: pixabay.com/Jirreaux

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