What foreign languages are worth learning?

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Nowadays, no one needs to be convinced that knowledge of foreign languages opens many doors. Until recently, one of the most desired skills was to communicate freely in English. Today, more and more attention is being paid to other foreign languages as well. Which ones are worth learning? We give you a hint!

Why is it worth learning foreign languages? How many people, so many reasons. Everyone, both adults and children, may have different motivations for learning. Honing language skills from an early age certainly makes it easier to start in adult life, especially when looking for a good job. With language skills, we have the opportunity to study at foreign universities or travel and become familiar with foreign cultures and traditions.

This valuable skill also allows us to interact with people from every corner of the world. Besides, it is worth noting that learning foreign languages stimulates the development of the brain and cognitive skills, as well as exercises short-term and long-term memory.

Why is it worth learning English?

The ability to speak English is actually a necessity – we hear it not only in many countries around the world, but also on the Internet, television, school, work and public spaces. The spread of a single language has enabled the process of globalization and definitely made it easier to communicate freely with people from other countries, both on a personal and professional level.

English is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is enough to know its basic grammatical structures and a small vocabulary to be able to communicate with others, travel, visit and establish first business contacts. It is also worth noting that English is even spoken by more than 500 million people on a daily basis, which should be enough motivation to learn.

What foreign languages, besides English, are worth learning?

Although English has become the most widely spoken language, and thus its knowledge is in demand, many people are increasingly eager to start learning other, less popular languages as well. Deciding which language to learn next should depend on our individual motivations and goals. Some will fall in love with an exotic country and want to learn its culture, while others will be interested in building an international career. Any reason is good.

It is certainly worth learning the languages of our neighbors, such as German. Close political contacts and economic relations or joint projects simply make knowledge of this language profitable, especially since more and more German companies are opening branches in Poland. Knowledge of German also makes it possible to work abroad and close to one’s home country.

In high schools, students are also eager to learn French and Spanish, which are gaining popularity. These are so-called “long-range” languages, meaning that they allow communication with others in different corners of the world, especially during holiday travel.

For Poles, northern countries, such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden, are also becoming professionally attractive, so learning Scandinavian languages is an increasingly good investment. With knowledge of Norwegian, Danish or Swedish (even at a basic level), we can attract the attention of a recruiter and significantly increase our chances of employment.

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