Female boss – what characterizes her?

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Until recently, only men could hold high positions. This is slowly beginning to change, although much remains to be done in this area. First of all, we should take care to change the stereotypical thinking about the role of men and women in society.

There is no rule establishing who will perform better in managerial positions. It is not gender that should be the determining factor here, but a set of competencies, skills and specific qualities that are needed in a particular industry. However, for many centuries, women have been shunned from high positions, relegated to the role of wife and mother, and deemed unfit by biological conditioning to manage others. However, today’s job market, especially in Western countries, offers more and more career opportunities for women to advance and take on high positions. A woman’s management style may differ from a man’s due to experiences or certain biological and cultural conditions that we cannot jump over. What qualities distinguish a woman in a leadership position?


Empathy is one of those qualities that characterize women more precisely because of biological conditions. Most women have more compassion in them, making it easier for them to empathize with the other person. A female boss may strive more to make the workplace friendly and comfortable for everyone. There are also some female experiences that men will never fully understand, such as pregnancy and childbirth. In the case of an employee’s pregnancy, the boss may show more understanding and will know how to help reconcile her career with her new role. Although men also become parents, there is no denying that most of the parenting responsibilities still fall more often on women.

Strong psyche

Hurtful socio-cultural stereotypes assume that women are the weaker sex. But are they really? A woman’s body must be strong enough both mentally and physically to survive the difficult period of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Despite the changes taking place in the modern world, there are still many women who have to prove their worth on the job market and often take longer to get promoted, which requires self-denial and consistency. Importantly, women are more open talkers than men. They don’t stew in their emotions and experiences, they just talk about them, which makes it easier for them to fight difficulties and find solutions.


Women are more often distinguished by divisibility of attention than men. This trait can be especially useful in a managerial position, when every day you not only have to perform your duties, but also make important decisions and control the work of employees. In addition, many female bosses combine their careers with childcare, which also involves multitasking in everyday life.

The ability to build relationships

A female boss can notice someone’s problems faster and is more willing to provide help, especially mental help. These are valuable qualities that come in handy when holding leadership positions, as they allow for the building of trusting relationships that are essential in the workplace. A female boss is also usually not afraid to ask for help or admit mistakes and failures.

The above characteristics may or may not characterize a woman’s management style. Both many women and men do not lack the predisposition to hold high positions. Skills, knowledge, professional experience are key. Gender should matter the least.

main photo: pixabay.com/RAEng_Publications

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