Colorful ceiling – an interesting design idea!

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It has become established that the ceiling should be white, because this treatment makes the room appear larger. It is also traditional and quite conservative, and therefore monotonous solution. If you like unconventional design ideas, be tempted by a colorful ceiling!

Undoubtedly, white adds lightness to interiors, but it is colors that can conjure up a unique atmosphere. During renovations, we usually focus on the walls, painting them with new shades of paint or putting patterned wallpaper, and we don’t touch the ceiling, because we usually don’t have an idea for it. An original idea would be to paint it in a pastel or intense color. Unusual solution will add variety to classic arrangements and attract the eyes of guests.

In what interior will a colorful ceiling work?

Before you pull the ceiling with an intense color, first consider several factors. First of all, consider whether the room in question is particularly spacious. Colored ceilings will work best in tall and large interiors, which are often found in old townhouses.

Dark colors not only optically reduce the room, but also lower it, so opt for them only if the height from floor to ceiling in your apartment is at least 3 meters. If you have lower interiors, and you want a colorful ceiling, then choose pastel colors that do not overwhelm a small interior, such as blues, dove grays, powder pinks and classic beiges. In a tall apartment, we can go more wild and opt for deep greens, yellows and navy blues.

The number of windows in the room and the amount of natural light coming in are also important. If we have a lot of windows and the apartment gets a lot of sunlight for most of the day, all the more reason to go for a colorful ceiling.

How to combine the color of the ceiling with the color of the walls?

A colorful ceiling can be a distinctive element of the whole arrangement. If you want such an effect, paint it with an intense color, and pull the walls with delicate, bleached or neutral shades. We can also focus on one color range, but the walls should be lighter.

A good solution is also to transfer the color of the ceiling to the upper edges of the walls. Such a procedure will give the room the right proportions and make it look more original.

Patterned variety

The classic solution involves painting the ceiling in one color. The effect is then – even with the use of intense colors – subtle. Such an arrangement is also not complicated and does not take much time. A bold alternative is patterned ceilings. For example, we can paint them in colorful stripes, which shape the room – they can optically lengthen or widen it. Geometric or floral patterns will help create a creative space.

This is also a great way to decorate a child’s room. Star constellations, cloud clouds, delicate drawings of trees and plants or animal motifs will make it impossible for a child to take his eyes off the ceiling.

Lining the ceiling with wallpaper is also an interesting procedure. If you decide on an expressive pattern, paint the walls white, so that the room does not seem overwhelming. With this solution, the interior will look elegant and dignified.

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