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Electronic devices like phone, laptop, mouse are the most contaminated items in our environment. We should clean them from the outside several times a day, and from time to time it is also a good idea to clean them properly. In this article, we will learn how to clean a laptop by yourself.

What to use to clean a laptop?

Before getting down to work, we should complete a few things:

  • a microfiber cloth to clean the screen and keyboard,
  • a fine bristle brush to clean the fan and keyboard,
  • cotton buds to clean the ports, screen, and interior of the laptop,
  • compressed air to clean the cooling system and keyboard,
  • gentle cleaner to clean the laptop from dust and more serious dirt.

Laptop cleaning step by step

At first, turn off the laptop – now we can get down to business.


To clean the screen, use a dry or slightly moistened microfiber cloth. If the dirt is more severe, moisten the cloth in a mild detergent and wipe the screen from left to right. Then dry with a dry cloth. If only dust has accumulated on the screen, you can use only a dry cloth.

There are many preparations for cleaning screens on the market, but we should remember not to spray directly onto the equipment but onto the cloth. Using a special liquid will allow us to wash the screen without leaving streaks.

To clean dirt from the edges of the screen, use a moistened cotton bud or blow off the dust with compressed air.

Finally, we also clean the frame surrounding the screen using the same cloth.


First, turn the laptop over with the keyboard facing down and shake it gently. This will get rid of crumbs and hair. Next, use compressed air, directing the nozzle at successive keys to get rid of dust and smaller crumbs. The third step is to use a brush to get rid of the rest of the dirt. The final step is to wipe the keys and touchpad with a cloth soaked in a mild cleaner.


Depending on how often it has been cleaned, you can clean the fan with compressed air, directing the nozzle through the vents. If it is significantly dirty, unscrew the housing and only then use compressed air. If you don’t know if you can dismantle your laptop, it’s better to get a service and put your laptop in the hands of professionals.

External casing and ports

A cloth soaked in a mild detergent is ideal for cleaning the outer casing. Clean the nooks and crannies with a cotton bud or brush. Ports should be cleaned with compressed air.

Regular laptop cleaning

It is extremely important to clean your laptop regularly because it is our business card, so if it is dirty and dusty, it does not reflect well on us. The second issue is that the performance of the hardware is definitely reduced by a dirty cooling system.

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