The Top 6 Reasons Why Your Checkout/Shipping Experience May Be Causing Low Conversion Rates

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Your checkout/shipping experience may be one of the top reasons why your conversion rates are low. Customers want to complete their order quickly, easily, and with as little stress as possible; even a tiny hitch in the process can result in them abandoning their cart and not coming back to complete the purchase. In order to get more people completing their orders, start by avoiding these six issues to improve your checkout/shipping experience so that you see higher conversion rates in no time!

1) Lack of trust

If your customer doesn’t trust your website, they won’t buy from it. They want to know who you are and what guarantees you offer. A good way to build trust is to add a return policy, tell them about how your products are made, or provide great customer service. If someone has an issue with one of your products or orders, try resolving it in a timely manner so that they have peace of mind when making future purchases.

2) Unexpected costs

Most people think that shipping is always free, but that’s not always true. It could be hidden in your product pricing, or it might be a requirement to get free shipping on an order. Either way, these extra charges can add up and cause some customers to cancel their purchases. To keep them happy and coming back for more of your awesome products, make sure you’re being clear about what costs are associated with shipping and delivery.

3) No security on site

Shoppers need to feel safe about their transactions. If you don’t provide a secure connection when a user checks out, then your conversion rates will suffer. People want to know that they’re protected from hackers, viruses, and malware in order to feel comfortable with making an online purchase. This is a major reason why some of your visitors may abandon their shopping cart without converting – if your site isn’t secure, they won’t even bother checking out!

4) Slow site speed

While it may seem like a website’s loading speed isn’t an issue for your store, in reality, it is. If a customer sees that your site loads slowly, they’ll assume that your checkout and shipping experience will be equally slow. You don’t want to lose their business before you even have a chance to make a sale! So if your site seems to load slowly, test different options—such as new servers or hosting providers—to see if you can improve page-load times. 

5) Site is difficult to use

There are many different plugins out there that have increasing conversion rates as the main focus. It may be necessary to use several different plugins to keep everything running smoothly, but it’s best to test each before implementing it on your site. The last thing you want is for your checkout or shipping experience to become a burden on your customers or prospects. If they can’t easily check out and place an order with your company, they won’t buy from you. Period.

6) Not using plugins

In a crowded market like that of WooCommerce extensions, it’s important to try out as many different plugins as possible before settling on one. That way, you can find one that fits your needs—and your customers’ needs—best, and benefit from plugins increasing conversions. Before you do, though, make sure to check out some customer reviews and test out a free version of each plugin you want to use. A few dollars for an hour of your time is worth being certain about which plugin is best for your store.

In order to give a smooth shopping experience to your customers and increase your conversion rate, you should avoid all the above mistakes. If you want the best plugins increasing conversions, get them from Octolize.

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