How to set up an autoresponder on Gmail?

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An autoresponder is a useful tool that will inform colleagues or clients, for example, about our vacation. A customer, left without an answer, could become discouraged. So it’s better to leave them a nice message about your current offer and a promise of an imminent contact. How to set up a Gmail autoresponder?

The genesis of such automatic messages goes back to the 90’s. Nowadays, however, their application is wider. They are becoming e.g. the carriers of marketing information. Thanks to them we are able to take care of a client even when we are not physically present in the office. Such a function brings many advantages to online stores, but it can be useful in every business relationship.

What can be the disadvantages of using such a feature? Not all users are fond of template solutions. However, you should get used to it.

How to set up an autoresponder on your email? A few steps are enough:

Turn on Gmail.
Expand the "Settings" menu in the top right corner. Select "View all settings." 
Scroll down all the way to "Absence Message."
Turn on the absence message.
Then fill in the dates, subject and most importantly the actual content of your automatic message. 
Select "Save Changes."

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