Esmart Hybrid Island Exhibit – The Future of Island Exhibits

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Don’t you wish that you could have your cake and eat it too? Well, now you can! The Esmart Hybrid Island Exhibit makes it possible to eat your cake, lose weight, and feel great at the same time! Imagine playing on an interactive floor that gives you all of the benefits of both an electronic game system AND a full-sized gym! Now stop imagining and start enjoying the Esmart Hybrid Island Exhibit!

Hybrids are the future

The Esmart hybrid exhibits are a combination of traditional and modern. Traditional in that they provide a space for people to interact with the exhibit and learn about the animals, while still being modern through their use of technology. A full HD touchscreen is provided to allow visitors to explore more in-depth information about the animals and their environment. Visitors can also customize their experience by selecting what they want to see on the screen; either pictures or videos. This allows educators to create custom guided tours that are tailored specifically for each visitor.

Why we started with exhibits

Many companies have been designing exhibits for decades, but the need for more interactive and engaging exhibits has become a more common request. Currently, there are two types of exhibits on the market: fixed and modular. 

We wanted to create an exhibit that was both modular and interactive, and we wanted it to be affordable. We started experimenting with new materials like wood composite and plastic, in addition to traditional materials such as steel, glass, and acrylic. After months of experimentation, we found a material that met all our needs: corrugated fiberboard (HDPE).

How hybrids work

Hybrid exhibits combine the best aspects of living and non-living displays. They offer a new way to engage visitors, with more than just look but don’t touch opportunities. There are some examples that you may have seen in zoos and aquariums: pandas, gorillas, orangutans, tigers, polar bears, seals, or even sharks. But hybrids are not limited to these live animals; there are many plant hybrids such as cacti or cactus gardens instance. It is important to remember that these hybrid exhibits do not represent any one thing exclusively; they represent what is being exhibited. For example, at Island Exhibits we exhibit sea life only so our exhibitions will always be made up of fish and other sea creatures.

Reaping the benefits

An island exhibit is a great way to help guests learn and experience more. With an Esmart hybrid island exhibit, your visitors will be able to experience the exhibits up close. You can also add interactive elements that allow visitors to touch and explore items on the exhibit. For example, you could put a plaque on the side of a habitat that tells visitors what they are looking at while they stand on the island with their hands inside it feeling various textures and shapes. This is just one way you can incorporate interactivity into your exhibits for an even more engaging experience.

Learn more about hybrid islands

We are excited to bring you a unique opportunity to experience the future of Island exhibits. Esmart is a hybrid exhibit that brings together the best features of traditional and digital exhibit design. It features an interactive 10-foot touchscreen, a 16-foot projection display, and physical objects that visitors can explore. Visitors can mix and match activities on the island to create their own personalized experiences.

main photo: Banks

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