Why does OOH Advertising Work?

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OOH advertising stands for outdoor, out-of-home advertising, and it’s becoming increasingly more common on both large and small-scale projects in the marketing world. Here are reasons why OOH advertising works so well, and how you can use it to advertise your business effectively.

Digital vs. Traditional Out-Of-Home

Digital out-of-home advertising has proved to be a valuable resource for marketers looking to target a specific consumer demographic. The media networks are available on transit stations, billboards and in outdoor stores, which provides optimal exposure. However, there are several other benefits that traditional out-of-home advertising brings as well: it is cost-efficient, time efficient and provides credibility for the advertiser. Traditional out-of-home advertising also has many less costly options than digital like bus shelters, bulletin boards and posters. There are also more opportunities for creativity when creating an ad because they can be larger than a billboard or smaller than a subway poster.

4 Advantages of Out-Of-Home Marketing

Outdoor advertising, also known as OOH or simply billboard advertising, has a variety of advantages. From reaching people in more than one location to reaching consumers when they are unable to use other media channels due to limitations such as time and budget, billboards can be powerful marketing tools. With all of these benefits, here are four reasons why out-of-home marketing is worth considering:

 1) Branding potential 

 2) Targeting 

3) Audience reach 

4) Frequency

Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is effective and influential for various reasons. One of the most notable advantages is that outdoor advertising can be seen in many different locations, which enhances the advertiser’s outreach to a broad range of individuals. Additionally, people are generally more receptive to outdoor ads because they’re visible and mobile, allowing them to walk or drive by your message as many times as they want. When combined with repetition, this results in an increasingly stronger message. Plus, if you take into consideration how affordable outdoor advertising is when compared to traditional media channels like radio or television, its relatively high price tag is easily justifiable. For example, one of the top four TV networks charges $5 million per 30-second ad slot. That same 30 seconds of airtime would only cost about $2,000 through conventional billboard rental rates. Regardless, of whether you choose to design your own billboards or hire a professional like be-media to do it for you, remember that successful advertising requires persistence – even after people see the advertisement repeatedly. As a result, creating multiple advertisements – each emphasizing a different product or service – will help keep your company at the forefront of consumers’ minds until they eventually buy what you’re selling!

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