The Benefits of a Celestron Eyepiece Kit for Your Telescope

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One of the most important parts of any telescope setup, aside from the telescope itself, is the eyepiece used to view the object. Celestron offers an eyepiece kit that helps to enhance your viewing experience while also being economical and ideal for novice and expert astronomers alike. Learn more about this Celestron eyepiece kit and why it may be the perfect fit for your next telescope investment!

What Is an Eyepiece?

In the grand scheme of things, eyepieces are fairly simple pieces of equipment. They’re typically used in conjunction with an optical telescope or eyepiece tube to magnify what you see when looking up at the night sky. The idea is that they provide you with a larger-than-life experience and allow you to get closer to what you’re looking at. There are different types of eyepieces available on the market, but most people will be interested in either wide-angle or zoom eyepieces. Wide-angle lenses work by spreading out the light coming into your eyes so you can see more. Zoom lenses do something similar, but with one key difference: they let you adjust how much light gets through which means it’s easier to find objects in low-light conditions. 

What Are the Different Types of Eyepieces?

There are several types of eyepieces available, and each has its own purpose. In general, the higher an eyepiece is numbered, the less it magnifies. A low-power (e.g., 15x) eyepiece can be used to see distant objects that aren’t in the center field of view. It also can be used to help locate objects by scanning back and forth until something is found. A medium power (e.g., 25x) eyepiece can be used for closer views such as bird watching or observing plants up close. A high-power eyepiece (e.g., 50x) allows for more detail when viewing far-away objects. It also is good for picking out details of nearby items. 

A Barlow lens can be added onto any telescope eyepiece so you get two times magnification at half the cost of buying two separate lenses! A typical Barlow Lens provides magnification from one to three times.

How Do You Select the Correct Eyepiece?

Celestron eyepieces are easy to use, so you can get started viewing the night sky right away. It is important to select the correct eyepiece depending on the type of telescope you have and what you want to see. For most Newtonian reflector telescopes, choose a low-power eyepiece like 20mm, 25mm or 32mm. These will give you an excellent view of the Moon and planets in our solar system. If your telescope has more aperture (aperture is how much light enters the tube) choose a higher magnification like 40mm or 50mm.

Why Should you Upgrade your Old Celestron Lens?

You may want to upgrade your old Celestron lens because you are getting frustrated with the quality and resolution. You may also want to upgrade it because you are tired of the lens fogging up in humid conditions. It is also possible that you just need an eyepiece kit because your new telescope has a 1.25 barrel and your old one had a 2 barrel. The list goes on, but the bottom line is if you are tired of your old Celestron lens, it might be time to upgrade!

main photo: Ponomarenko

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