Wall-mounted mirror – what to pay attention to when buying?

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In stores you will find a huge selection of cosmetic mirrors – standing and wall-mounted, with different coatings, with and without backlighting, and even with magnification. They also differ from each other in size, style, shape or material from which they are made.

Among so many options, it’s easy to get lost, so today we’ll suggest how to choose a wall mirror so that it’s comfortable to use and will last for many years.

Size and angle

The optimal diameter of a cosmetic mirror is 15-20 cm In the reflection of such models, the user’s face is visible in its entirety, and at the same time the mirrors themselves do not take up much space. An important criterion is the variable angle of inclination. Most cosmetic mirrors rotate vertically and change position from 0° to 90° – such a feature definitely facilitates the positioning of the mirror when applying makeup, so it is essential.

Mounting method

In this case, it is better to focus on the most popular and convenient variant, that is, a cosmetic mirror on a boom. The mount itself can have different forms and unfold in many ways, so before buying it, be sure to check whether the unfolding is easy and the construction is solid.

The second rather convenient option is tilt wall mirrors mounted on two legs. Here we do not have as much room to maneuver the positioning of the product, but we can change the angle of tilt.

Shape and design

Most wall mirrors available on the market are round or oval, but you can easily find rectangular and square models with rounded edges. Choose the shape that suits you best and matches the decor of the room. The same with color and style. The simplest mirrors consist of a frame and handle in white, silver, gold or black. Rarely are they more colorful and have additional ornaments or elements, although some may have an additional cable with a panel to adjust the illumination.


The body can be made of ABS plastic or chrome-plated steel. The main requirement is that it be easy to clean from cosmetic marks and resistant to moisture. For mirrors with an extension arm, it is important that the material of the handle is solid and durable. After all, it will be folded and unfolded many times, so you don’t want it to just break off one day.

With or without backlighting?

We recommend, first of all, to choose models with LED backlighting. They contain from 30 to 50 LEDs, which emit light as close to natural as possible. The best variants have several modes of operation and can change the level of heat and illumination.


Unevenly applied foundation or asymmetrically painted eyes can spoil the whole impression, so a comfortable and functional cosmetic mirror is essential. The best choice among wall models will be an illuminated mirror. The advantages of such a cosmetic mirror are:

  • high resolution. Cosmetic models use high-quality coatings and careful grinding to ensure a clear reflection without distortion;
  • ergonomics. Models on the market come in many convenient shapes and designs. They are compact, thoughtfully designed and functional;
  • magnification. This feature enables procedures requiring maximum precision. Models with three-, five- and even seven-fold magnification are available for users;
  • backlighting. The main advantage of cosmetic mirrors. The contour of the LED lamps imitates daylight, helps to choose the right shades of cosmetics and create professional makeup in any conditions (even in total darkness).

main photo: unsplash.com/Liza Pooor

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