Toothbrushes – which type is best?

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Sonic, ultrasonic or rotary? Which modern toothbrushes are worth choosing if we want to take better care of our teeth than with traditional methods and accessories? We present the advantages and specifics of each of these three types of devices.

We have a lot to choose from: types of electric toothbrushes

You may choose from among electric toothbrushes that use a variety of technologies. First of all, the following have gained popularity on the market:

  • sonic toothbrushes – they have an elongated head, which makes them similar in appearance to manual toothbrushes;
  • ultrasonic toothbrushes;
  • rotary toothbrushes – the name is given to them because of the type of movement the brush head makes. The brush head rotates during use. This type of toothbrush is differentiated, among others, according to the revolutions per minute;
  • rotary-pulse toothbrushes – in the case of such devices, in addition to rotation, there is also a pulsating motion and pressing the bristles against the teeth.

What to focus on when choosing a toothbrush?

First and foremost, you need to decide who will be using a particular type and model of toothbrush. Devices for children should have different features than those for adults. Particular attention should be paid to those with sensitive gums. Other criteria that should be taken into account include possible problems with cleaning interdental spaces and, of course, budget

Sonic Toothbrushes and Their Benefits

A sonic toothbrush can make up to 40,000 strokes per minute, which is incomparably better than the approx. 600 strokes possible with manual models. This is thanks to the sonic technology that vibrates the brush head. This translates into better results and more thorough cleaning. It also spreads toothpaste better across the surface of your teeth

What else can you count on when you choose a sonic toothbrush?

Not only do these devices thoroughly remove plaque, but they’re also much gentler on our gums and teeth with better results. Most of them also have additional conveniences for users. In particular, we can mention the multiple modes of operation. Some are compatible with a phone app that allows us to learn how to brush effectively

What are the disadvantages of sonic toothbrushes? First of all, you’ll pay more for them than for many other types of models.

Why should I choose an ultrasonic toothbrush?

Is it worth buying an ultrasonic toothbrush? Equipment based on this technology is not that popular, but it undoubtedly uses the most advanced technology to create it. The sound waves produced by such toothbrushes cannot be heard by our ears. This does not prevent them from thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity. Even hard-to-reach interdental spaces will be thoroughly cleaned.

Why else should you buy an ultrasonic toothbrush?

Although prices are not low here either, it is comforting to know that you only have to buy the device once. Later, you only need to remember to change the heads for new ones.

What are the advantages of rotary toothbrushes?

We can also choose between rotary and rotary-pulse toothbrushes, which are the most popular of the electric devices for cleaning your mouth. Their price is not as high, but the quality of individual models also varies greatly.

The right technique is also important, as improper use of the device may lead to problems such as lowering of the gum line or exposure of the tooth necks. You should therefore choose models equipped with a system that warns you if the pressure is too strong.

Which electric toothbrush to choose? Much depends on what your budget is. Sonic and ultrasonic models are best, but a rotary toothbrush can be much more beneficial than a manual one.

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