Why are cosmetics with proteins worth using?

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Conscious skin and hair care is based, among other things, on a sensible choice of cosmetics. It is worth looking at products that contain proteins in their composition. What are the characteristics of this ingredient? What cosmetics with proteins to choose?

Proteins are otherwise known as proteins, the basic building blocks of the body, which we can find in muscles, glands and internal organs. They are made up of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They are divided into animal and plant.

We obtain proteins from, among others:

  • soybeans,
  • wheat,
  • corn,
  • milk,
  • sheep’s wool,
  • fish scales.

Proteins are essential for our body to work properly, so we need to take care of their optimal level by eating certain foods, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Thanks to their many valuable properties, proteins have also found their way into cosmetology. Cosmetic preparations most often use products of partial or complete hydrolysis of natural proteins, which, depending on the degree of hydrolysis, differ in their ability to absorb and retain water, as well as their film-forming properties. In cosmetics, mainly structural proteins that are part of the skin, such as collagen, elastin and keratin, have found application. Silk and milk proteins are also often used, as well as some plant proteins (soy, wheat, almond and corn).

How are proteins used in skin care?

Proteins found in cosmetics are most often responsible for hydration and elasticity of the skin or hair. Improved elasticity of the epidermis helps reduce wrinkles and prolongs the youthful appearance of the skin. Therefore, cosmetics with proteins should be used by people who are looking for products with antioxidant properties. What effects will we get when we use cosmetics with proteins?

Nourished face

How to take care of your face to enjoy smooth and moisturized skin? It is worth reaching for a cream with proteins, which allows you to retain water in the body, while moisturizing the skin. If we increase the elasticity of the epidermis, we will succeed in reducing the number of new wrinkles. Importantly, nutrients will help fill in wrinkles that have already formed.

Let’s also add a facial cleanser to our skin care routine, as well as a toner that evens out the epidermis.

Regenerated hair

Since protein is the basic building block of the body, cosmetics with proteins have a rebuilding effect. If you are struggling with damaged and dry hair, reach for a protein conditioner. Active substances will penetrate deep into the hair and stimulate regenerative processes. They will also help close the scales of highly porous hair, which tends to frizz. With regular use of protein conditioner, hair will be shiny and smooth.

Moisturized body skin

It’s a good idea to include lotions and lotions with proteins in your daily care, especially if our problem is dry skin. Thanks to the moisturizing properties of proteins, we will get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of skin roughness. Let’s remember to carefully moisturize the skin also after shaving.

Healthy nails

Are your nails weak and brittle? Many factors contribute to this condition, for example, cleaning with strong detergents without gloves, improper diet, scratching off the polish. Nail polishes with proteins that effectively nourish, rebuild and strengthen the nail plate can help.

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