The most important rules when doing a hybrid manicure

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Hybrid manicure is the most popular method of nail beautification. Although it is more expensive and time-consuming than a traditional manicure, there’s no denying that it is distinguished by much better durability and provides an aesthetic appearance for a longer period of time. How should a hybrid manicure be performed? We present the most important rules.

Hands are our business card, so many women want to take care of their nails by visiting professional beauty parlors or performing various treatments at home. For a long time, hybrid manicure has been popular, which is a fairly permanent procedure, as its effect lasts up to three weeks. To enjoy aesthetically pleasing nails decorated with hybrid manicure, we do not need to visit a salon at all. We can perform the procedure on our own, at home, we just need to gather special equipment – that is, a UV or LED lamp (thanks to which each layer of varnish will be properly hardened), varnishes, bases and tops – and remember the most important rules for performing such a manicure.

How to perform a hybrid manicure? These are the rules to remember!

Contrary to appearances, performing a hybrid manicure is not at all a complicated task. After gaining experience, such a procedure will not take much time, and we will be able to enjoy its effects for several weeks. What should we pay attention to when performing a hybrid manicure?

Preparation of the nail plate

The procedure begins with careful preparation of the nail plate. We push back or cut the cuticles (for this we can use special liquids and conditioners that soften them), and we file and level the plate. We also need to mattify it with a polishing block or medium-grade paper files. After performing the above steps, we wipe the nails with a degreasing liquid, the so-called cleaner. Improper preparation of the plate will result in impermanence of the manicure.

Applying the base coat

On the prepared nail plate we can apply a thin layer of base coat, which is hardened in a LED lamp for about 60 seconds.

Application of the polish

After curing the hybrid base coat in the lamp, we move on to the application of color. The selected polish is applied to the nails, and then hardened in the lamp. Repeat the action twice, so that you get the desired coverage.

Applying the final base coat

If we are sure that the hybrid varnish has thoroughly covered the entire nail plate, then we can move on to the application of the last layer. We apply a top coat, which gives the nails a shine and makes the manicure durable. 

Removal of the dispersion layer

Finally, we remove the sticky layer of the nail surface, the so-called dispersion layer. To do this, we use a dust-free cotton swab, which we moisten with a cleanser.

How to apply hybrid polish?

The aesthetic and lasting effect of our hybrid manicure depends on the skill of applying the varnish. We should remember that each layer of it should be thin. If our varnish has poor coverage, let’s apply three thin layers instead of two thick ones. Before applying the varnish, let’s mix it thoroughly, and while applying, let’s keep a small distance from the cuticles, so as not to flood them.

Also remember not to rinse the surface of the nail plate with cleanser between applying successive layers of polish. This could weaken the adhesion and durability of later applied layers.

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